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Mayo Clinic On PGx Testing

DNA Testing For Cancer Markers

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We Are Now Living In The Era Of Personalized Medicine

DNA Testing Can Prevent Adverse Drug Reactions & Save Lives

Each Year Over 125,000 Americans Die

From Taking Prescription Drugs As Prescribed

We have partnered with America's premier lab, Admera Health, to work with patients and doctors to provide DNA testing to avoid Adverse Drug Reactions and also to determine whether the patient may have DNA markers for certain cancers. Our tests are now covered by many insurance companies at no cost to the patient. We provide both you and your doctor with the necessary paper work and supplies to complete the testing. 

Over 2,000,000 Hospitalized

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Is PGx Real & Why Haven't I Heard Of It?

Pharmacogenomics is very real.  In fact, many top Healthcare Providers in the U.S. have implemented PGx testing into their practices.  Places like the Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Duke Medical Center, Stanford University Medical Center, and many more!

First FDA approval of pharmacogenetic testing was in 2005, and it has only improved since then. Medicare began covering this test in 2009, and today many insurance providers cover this test as well, for those who are eligible.

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[50 ]Genes

PGxOneTM Plus is a pharmacogenomics test that can help predict how a patient will respond to drug therapy based on individual genetic makeup.

Genetic variants affect drug absorption, metabolism and activity. Results guide effective treatment decisions, potentially reducing adverse drug events (ADEs) and trial-and-error drug selection and dosing.

Provides recommendations for over 300 commercial drugs, with extensive coverage of psychiatric, cardiac and pain medications

Cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology enables comprehensive coverage of ~200 genetic variants in 50 genes.

Delivers medically actionable recommendations in an easy to interpret report.

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